Verminion is one from the four Named in Nightmare Academy Trilogy.

Verminion is described as a giant monster with the body of a crab, and a head like a Triceratops. Smart, seductive and a compulsive lier, Verminion is one of the four 'Named' Lords of the Nether. His choker is one of the supremely powerful Artifacts of the Nether. Verminion is also known as Verminion the Deceiver due to his smooth speech and persuasive arguments. Like most Nethercreauters, he is a demented version of a commonly known animal. In his case, a crab.


  • Vicious crab-like claws
  • Impenetrable body armor
  • Enormous size
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Verminion is killed by Edward Pich in the Battle of the San Diego zoo

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